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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Nobody will teach you how to live this goddamn life

Okay, midway into my end-semesters, screwing up grades and shitting out cheesy blog posts. Why so? IDK, I don't have anything better to do this evening (Finished the first season of Rick and Morty (ARGH SO GOOD) Well, I'm no dot-com millionaire or a corporate hotshot, not even a normal functional adult. Just a normal undergrad at this point. But there have been some things I've noticed in my short, normal life. School has been a terrible
experience. The subjects science, math, history, economics, and philosophy have always appealed to me, they create the most scintillating conversations and give me a sense of awe (personal bias), but there are a ton of simple crap I wish they taught us back in school, during the developmental phase of our lives. I had to learn/am learning these here at college from situations which have left me agonizingly broke, a sore heart and a tender but an experienced brain. Well, for one thing, we're aren't taught much about PERSONAL FINANCE which is why we suck at it badly and the world is going to crap. We learn it as we grow up but financial illiteracy is a serious problem. A whole population of humans who end up buying a whole ton of crap and is unable to pay for it.

Stomach so full,  Puri, 2016

This is my retrospective thought process on the hows and whys we need to learn and start realizing from an early age itself -
  1. How to understand who you are, your personal strengths and weakness
  2. How to realize your true potential.
  3. How to use time and energy efficiently.
  4. How to figure out you are stuck and desperately need changes.
  5. How to make a move under uncertainty and fear.
  6. How to solve problems wisely.
  7. How to cope with life knockouts and subsequent feelings of despair.
  8. How to be a master of your emotions and efficiently express them
  9. How to avoid addictive behaviour.
  10. When to ask for help.
  11. When to have a rest.
  12. How to take care of your body at 20–30 and don’t become a wreck at 40–50.
  13. How to apply logic and reasoning to screen out day-to-day data like news and daily bullshit
  14. How to embrace skepticism.
Even though the influence of technology on the modern world spew a ton of information, we are largely left to ourselves when it comes to these things which make us human. We grow up to become adults in a ruthless, barbaric way through personal experience of sweat, tears, and blood. Loads of human beings have gone through these, are going through and will go through, Yet we continue to reinvent the wheel and live like we are the first generation of our species on this planet.

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