"" Bleh and Awe: December 2015

Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter in Bhubaneswar

Dammit. I procrastinate and push away all the writing till a deadline, Sigh.

The time during my end-semester examinations left me in tremendous anxiousness and pain. I have absolutely no idea how, when, or where they got over. They just did.

Some enjoy college, some loathe it, while the rest simply survive it. I'm on the survival lot, where even the things we take for granted at home, have to be carried out. Mundane activities, done for the sole reason of survival. Still, it is far from any jungle. It's an ecosystem within itself.
I wasn't alone. A number of my pals were here. We explored the city, ate really good food; I personally enjoyed my time at the debate club and read books over warm cups of coffee. But I've got two set of memories, which I'll cherish forever, and I felt they're worth sharing. Bhubaneswar was cold during the November-December gap. It always is during this time. The eastern part of India enjoys a milder version of winters compared to the northern and north-eastern parts of the country, but blame it on climate change, it was cold. Ah, that time of the year where your end-semester exams are over. Free time on our hands! And this semester break, I decided to spend my week here.


One memorable trip was with Sougata and Shivam. Damn, it was thrilling as ever. The three of us hopped onto some bus headed westward, and opted for three usual tickets. After a period of kilometers, we were kicked off the bus because our tickets expired 6 blocks ago. We merrily walked about the boulevards,visiting Churches, cine theaters, nostalgic musical stores, second -hand book stores, and ventured into the Indira Gandhi Park. We took out a shortcut, and voila!

We were in the busiest market of the city, Market number 1 and 2. We simply strolled through the streets, and along the way, lost direction. Nonetheless, we found out our way back, and got back to our hostel.