"" Bleh and Awe: October 2015

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Deras Dam

I'm an idiot. A major jackass, and this post had been due for a really long time, but well, this is it.
One mundane afternoon Zeshan and I were got really bored, and decided we should pack our bags and head over to Dehradhun. Later, we joked about it and told Shubham about our idea, and one thing led to another and we prepared to visit the Chandaka forest reserve one night before.

We left at 6 o'clock (Couldn't sleep due to the sheer excitement), boots strapped and bags packed. We reached the required junction and hired an Autorickshaw. The guy was very friendly, magnanimous, pleasant.....BAH ! He was an utter pain-in-the-ass, (entertaining too), and constantly lamented the fact that the four of us should have got AT LEAST some women to hang out with and have fun. I really enjoyed the auto trip and the auto-walla, the bumpy roads, cows on the run, and the vivid trees, but in all brutal honesty, we couldn't handle all the BURN inflicted by the constant harangue of the auto dude. We eventually told him to shut the fadoodaas up.The road-trip to the forest was pure bliss. The lush green fields, the wind blowing through your hair, the hills looked like you could run and hug them, the wind breezing by, the little ponds with bubbles and fishes poking their noses, broken ruins, the wind whistling right you, more cows mooing away minding their own business.(Did I mention about the wind?) The weather was perf-wala-perfect. A thin, crispy cloud cover with the Sun playing the naughtiest peek-a-boo. We had a pit stop and refilled with some refreshments, and shared a coke with the auto-man. AND THEN HE BEGAN THE SAME OLD JABBERING. We had to tell him to stop again, and half-an-hour down the road, we reached the spot.It was okayish, I mean it looked okayish from the distance. We crossed the boundary gate and walked up (what seemed like a conquerable hill) and found what we had come all the way for.
It was vivid.It was serine.It was picturesque.I could write a million adjective and hundreds of synonyms of the incoming word, but in every sense, it was beautiful.
The banks of the reservoir
We stood there for 5 mins, and those five minutes magically became thirty. The place just took our breath away, and the romanticism of the place seemed to slow down time, just like time seems to slow down when you're hanging out with your lover. I'm sorry we didn't take too many photographs. Cameras couldn't do justice to what we saw. It was a check-dam, we were on top of the dam, and there was the deep reservoir, and it seemed to have a mind of its own. Out there, beckoned an hills waiting to be explored, and an island with really green trees and really green crocodiles. Yes, we had spotted crocs and we knew it. Too many dead wood in the reservoir? No way.