"" Bleh and Awe: April 2017

Monday, 10 April 2017


Cue Music.

The weekend of colours and I was at home, maybe the first time during Holi in the last 3 years. Mom's cooking, a marriage anniversary and a few odd jobs; was fun. Had been missing family and friends back home. It is one of our idiosyncrasies that we connect best with the folks we grew up with, but even so, people change. All the time. Some incident or jealousy or fear or ambition, it's a good thing to change yourself. Keep on reinventing and trying out new things. It is equally balanced to assume that darkness is the absence of light, and we all return back to our vices, at some point or the other.

At college, miles away from the cocoon of home and my hometown, meeting new people is..normal. Different human beings with different trains of thoughts, some mentalities downright outrageous, some thought provoking and some, aligned with yours. As social animals, making connections is natural to us, though some of your might consider yourself to be a lone soldier. Sure, we're all slightly unique and that's beautiful. People Change.

I carry an assumption/expectation. I want all my loved ones, friends, family, pets to have an upward growth curve. Being more sensitive to others. Doing right by themselves. Overcome your issues. Disciplined. Magnanimous. Not to stand by dishonesty. Humanitarian. A sense of purpose. Being warm, and genteel humans. The sense of brotherhood. Frequent reality checks and balances. Healthy, mentally and physically. Qualities I want to ingrain within myself too, and others, as an overall sense of positivism and vitality.