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Thursday, 20 October 2016


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Is defect a vice?
The fact that we are all defective, and so many years of (pretty unworthy) education, yet, nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves (and why it is so important) is a bitter pill to swallow. Maybe we, as humans, are really bad at expressing ourselves or maybe we are actually incapable of expressing ourselves. However, art: movies, video games, posters, paintings, drawings, blogs, music, etc. ; these are the channels through which our thoughts can take shape, mould themselves, and take the prerequisite placeholder position of the template created by artists, because ultimately, we all are bad at expressing ourselves; it's an inherent  defect within us.
Ponies are nice, but BoJack Horseman is badass.
Personally, that's not so gloomy, but it feels substandard and inferior to realize the burning fact
that we may feel a million different things, but communicate with such poor results. What's worse is that we don't really express our feeling until it's too late.

Expressing oneself is tough and subtle. The Animal kingdom, especially mammals have a vast and diverse system of communication with various......whatever. Bullshit can go fuck itself. Okay, here's a story. It is not really a story. Imagine this nice dude named Rob or Gill or Ravi. Okay, I like Gill :D 
Gill is in a mess; whether to express her feelings blatantly on Facebook or just bottle it up. Why so? 'Cause Gill really doesn't open up with anybody else in real life. Yes, she has best friends and BFFs and family and the pack and the buddy-circle, but she's Gill to them; the fun Gill, the sassy Gill, the sad Gill, the cool Gill and so, Gill isn't really sure of herself 'cuz it is much easier being one kind of person to different people than being different kinds of people to a single person. There's too much weight on the person and the fear of alienation creeps in. Gill is your ordinary any-other-friend, and as you become more observant, you'll notice several Gill's, and how often people just project themselves and their single-variable personalities onto you. Their expectations, their choices, their infatuations, and every move you make, is viewed through the lens of what they project onto you and what they expect themselves to be? We aren't really expressing ourselves here. We're pushing our image of ourselves on you in a bizarre experiment/expectation at a subtle level that, their project of you is really....themselves. I'm sorry for the mindfuck but I just wanted to say that we judge others as we judge ourselves, we see others as we see ourselves, and we express to others just like we'd have expressed to ourselves.

The concept of death with reality is a concept I struggle to come in terms with. (I personally believe the education of the concept is delt very poorly, at least in my case. Friends reprimand me for being heartless at times) People die, and babies are born, sure. But the fact that we are alive all destined to die, teaches something about the fallibility of human beings. For example, the fear of those who are not like and should be eliminated/humiliated/differentiated/segregated, these xenophobic mentalities or vices will destroy us as a species. But people from another school/college/state/culture/country may have grown up under a different set of circumstances than our own. If we, instead of spreading hate and vilonce by being stuck-up in a single set of rigid thought-processes, allow ourselves the leaverage to know others and try to look at situations from a different point of view, you may find that their vices are all situational and understanding others might help you to expand your understanding of existance; how we all are faulty, silly, and immature but are connected with an invisible thread of being human. It isn't possible to follow all schools of thoughts or to sympathise with everything and everyone, but trying to be a better human by correcting you vices can be simpler and less hateful, and work positivity towards the greater good. The fight to overcome the prevailing vices within us is the result of fucked up programming of all years of brainwash, just because we do not subscribe to the same bullshit idealogies that are forcefed from an early age. It breaks my heart to know that people have cultivated so much hate within themselves that they will spend the limited time on a rock spinning a gas giant to simply rob others of the love they have, because of simply who they are. The very people about whom we spend our time bitching and condeming, might one day save our life, somehow. 

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