"" Bleh and Awe: February 2017

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Farts are Beautiful (Swiss Army Man)

The film, Swiss Army Man put this weird concept, and this is probably one of the silliest things I'm ever going to write: A post about farts.
Click(bait) here and enjoy my really bad taste in humour.

No wait, also listen to this.

Where were we? Oh yeah.
The film is a gem of modern storytelling, acting, and direction. It is a beautiful film which explores dark themes of death, absurdism, suicidal tendencies, necrophilia, and blatant hypocrisies of a constantly connected social world.
Me. Guy on the right.

Basically, the film has a farting corpse. And that is as gross as it sounds.

So why farts? The corpse, Manny lets go of his backdoor breezes throughout the film (gross level rising).

You see, we normally don't let off a bit of steam in public (unless it's an accident). We don't go about hooting our trumpets at a party at the cost of

Monday, 6 February 2017

Motorsport and Engineering

An International Engineering Design Competition, thousands of students, hundreds of judges; all of this with one goal: Practical Learning with fun. This is Formula Student.

Encompassing all aspects of the automobile industry which include: strategic conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and commercializing a car, this competition prepares engineering students to be industry-ready.
Whroom Whroom

What do we do?

Hermes racing, of the Automotive Society, SAEINDIAKIIT, is the official Formula Student Team of KIIT University. We participate in national and international engineering design competitions like Formula Bharat, Formula Student India and SUPRA SAE India. We are driven by the principle “Dream, Design, Drive”.

From designing a car on computers to grinding metal for building the car, working tirelessly is our daily routine; operating yearlong to manufacture perfectly finished parts for our car. Rigorous testing sessions validate all the components. Documenting the prices from the engine to the smallest nut fixed on the car, preparing a business proposal to woo the investors; we do it all. Creating a strong public presence and working with the industry for mutual benefits, is another part of the game.

The Team stands on three pillars: Innovative Engineering, Organized Teamwork, and Careful Project Management.

How do we feel?

Well, achieving 3rd position all over India among 150 teams does feel good.

Where does this get us?

The program is designed to enhance the engineering, management and presentation skills of the students; skills essential for every industry. This has been proven by our alumni who are presently working in big corporate houses like Fiat, Tata and TVS.

All this with limited resources. With more funds in the near future, we plan to compete against the world’s best teams at international engineering design competitions taking part in Germany and UK.