"" Bleh and Awe: June 2015

Monday, 15 June 2015

Old is Gold

As the summer vacations are nearing to an end, I'm trying to checkmark all the plan made. So on a fine Friday night, instead of the usual gang of friends, I decided to stay over at my grandma's house. She was simply delighted, and I packed my bags and left. On reaching and staying over there for a night, I came to certain realisations: Grandparents are usually extremely lonely and bored.

instagram: https://instagram.com/rishav.sen/Well, grandma had an old phonograph, so I was fiddling with it and playing some really old 1960-70s tracks (Bengali songs, loads of Rabindra Tagore compositions, and a few Russian and Italian opera vinyls), and they seemed pretty good. After a hearty dinner and a long chat about life at the hostel and college, along Grandmotherly advice, it was getting late and we all decided to sleep. My Grandma didn't have any WiFi, so I was completely cut off from the net. And I found some great books nad comics "Xmen: Evolution" and "Spidergirl". These were nostalgic as I had read these 10-8 years back. Grandparent's houses can be nostalgia dens, quite literally. Later I had dozed off, packed my things, thanked Grandma and her help for all the fun, and headed back home.