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Monday, 25 July 2016

Quora Questions: 2 / Throwback to bored days

Qs. What is the greatest wealth of any individual in his / her life?

This is a personal perspective, but I feel the greatest wealth of any individual isn't a single item or a single feature.
I'd like to define this in a hierarchy (or Levels)
The Perspective. Damn.
1.  Time.
2. Yourself
3. How you connect with others

Time: Our time as living beings is short. We grow
up, learn things, make mistakes, correct them, avoid them, and ultimately fall short of time. If we can invest out time into the other two, then we can truly enrich our lives.

Yourself: Invest into yourself by learning essential skills, being healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally, economically, socially, etc), being a good human being, having an open mind. This is where you need to invest your time and where you make the mistakes worth fixing.

How you connect with others: Family, friends,  the people at work, your neighbours, society, the people around you with whom you directly/indirectly interact. This is the world as we know, and here you spend most of your time and the personality/mentality/attitude is of utmost importance. How your skills are put up, how you spend your money for others, how you volunteer and help, how irritating or friendly you are, these actions are or utmost importance. Here the sense of time might not feel important, but you will measure your life by the parameters of how you have lived ( or how you are living) by the interactions and the people connected/disconnected. 

I won't say that Time is greatest wealth because on it's own, its abstract and meaningless. But again, you won't be able to deal with level 3 unless you appreciate level 1 and 2, as these determine the end results.

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