"" Bleh and Awe: All shots fired

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

All shots fired

It's over. You're 21, loaded with pocket money, that amazing road-trip, and you've got a couple of more days before college  attendance will matter once again. You, along with everyone else, decides to get a crate of beer, assortment of other liqueurs, with American fast food and of course, ounces of Mary Jane
and strips of paper. "Drink up ! these are the best days of your lives, and after 20 years, you'll regret why you didn't enjoy when you had the chance. Bottoms up !"

Badass, right?  Source

Pitchers and bottle, fire shots of B-52s and cosmopolitans clank, and you drown yourself in the bittersweet memory diluting liquid, and comfort yourself, "hey, everything's gonna be all right in the end, its harmless". Giggles and smooches, this party has just begun, while you slip int oblivion, the lovely world of psychedelic colours.

You wake up, drowsy. Hungover on your elderly parent's couch, broke, homeless, jobless, living of dad's pension, aged 41,  regretting when the fuck did it all start. 

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