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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock

'Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough or imperfection. Atelophobia is classified as an anxiety disorder that can affect relationships and makes the afflicted person feel like everything they do is wrong'- Wikipedia

Insecurities. These define us, change us, and stick with us like emotional parasites, and to think about it, we spend our entire lives trying to fix/adjust/ignoring these traits. Fixing your hair even when it's completely set, giving unsolicited advice to almost everyone you know, attention seeking, forcing  macho-rough-tough behaviour onto others, narcissism, a constant search to boost your self-esteem, bragging and being a humble bragger, image-crafting; its all about your insecurities. Advertisers cash in on this. Yes, you read that right, advertisers cash in your insecurities by manipulating and even creating them. Beauty products are marketed to women as a way  of looking prettier and thus be loved more, and even be the center of attention cuz, beauty = attention, right? Tools and hardware are marketed to man as a way of reliability and strength. Beer is marketed to have funnnnnnn and be the centre of  Universe attention, say, at a party. Goddamn. Some Bodyspray commercial show how using their products gets you to be more friendlier (like so molecules of bodyspray can mask the skeletons you have in your cupboard, Ha !) or Beer commercials which show some over-the-top-superb OMG AAWEZUM party with your friends, girls, helicopters, BEING BATSHIT DRUNK  more girls, titties, more girls, sports cars, more beers, girls, girls, girls, PARTIES !, more fun, friends, dancing, cars, friends, girls - Drink Tuborg.
(Source: Tumblr)

This is our
culture today. We're exposed to different sorts of marketing who delve into our insecurities and mint money. Most of the information is some form of marketing. And this marketing is always portraying you as some kind of ugly fuck who some lost cause and desperately needs help. This marketing is always trying to make you feel like shit to persuade you to purchase their products, and essentially we live in such a culture which has been fabricated to make us feel like shit and we'll try to fill those empty gaps in some or the other way. Underneath all that bravado, we're really fragile and helpless.

Kids and human beings in general are so easily insecure about certain facets of life that they cling on to ludicrous beliefs and set high standards for themselves, most of which they aren't able to cope us with. Like the typical college kid who joins some college expecting that college is all about crazy parties and hanging out and a ton of girls/boys to date but are heavily disappointed to find that he/she has to attend classes regularly to study difficult subjects and feels socially awkward when it comes to meeting people who aren't from your social/cultural/economic background, making new friends, public speaking and be kinda afraid (or alert) all the time because they've never lived on their own, away from parents. The experience is completely normal, but somehow, they join college with the expectation  gained from watching The Big Bang Theory every friday. Even love and relationships, the concept of romance and closeness feel like a cross between some random episode of How I Met Your Mother, Friends and a Shah Rukh Khan film. Valentine's Day feels feels like a marketing gimmick, and so does Chocolate and Teddy Bear day and *Insert product name* day (Yes, there is a Pringles day and Have a Coke day).

I'm not against marketing or advertising because they tap into our vices, shortcomings vulnerabilities (a.k.a Insecurities) , to make money. The system simply refines and shapes media, which in turn molds casual and superficiality into the people, leading to a society of people with a large and varied number of insecurities, which are all like little jackpots, ready to be dug up by companies by triggering these insecurities.The marketing in our economy is efficiently and subtly adding insecurities into our lives which leading to superficial lives and addiction, just for the sake of profit.

It's upto us to read, discover and find out solutions about our emotional shortcomings, to come off living simpler. Fuck, then you end up boring and bland, right? Whatever. It's your life, I guess buying that deodrant or eyeliner will probably get you laid, go for it.

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