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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Past-Future Love-hate relationship

so damn true (courtesy: Sarah's Scribbles)
Sorry for the hiatus, I had my exams and a major wedding to attend. See, there I go on, blaming myself for not updating this blog. Incorrigible.

There are things in the past I've done that fill me with regret even after such a long period of time, things done in the recent, not-so-recent, and not-at-all-recent past. Bad choices, evil pranks, repetition of the same mistakes, over and over again. Still, I don't hate my past-self, it wasn't too crappy.

So the present is all we have, improve, improvise and redo. Well, things  aren't that shitty always, and I'm trying to find ways to beat the constant hum of boredom. I've been trying, and maybe a bit too hard, investing time and money ( I bought a new bicycle, woot hoot !) Clearly, there's this materialistic thought which thinks "More books = more knowledge" which would be true, if the effort was there. Instead, there's a growing pile of backlog of entertainment and academics. Still, the little road trips, the little time spend with the people who matter, the silly homework and assignments completed before time. These little insignificant bits do tend to pile up, in the positive sense.

Lets see, I;ll let you know if things get better off.


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