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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ode to dead blogs

Writer's block affects every writer, from the amateur to the professional. Sometimes we accomplish a piece of art, and in a fit of rage or despair, flush it down the drain. There have been several of these blogs I miss, blogs which had tremendous potential to be great, and blogs on the verge of being great. And I had the good luck to read them when they were alive, when they existed.

Birth of Art: observation.
Courtsey- Seto.Wal
An artist isn't defined by your academic degrees. Everybody has an artist in them, and like artist, everybody expresses their emotions , views and feeling in their own individual ways. Love, Lust, Wanderlust, Empathy, Pain, Melancholy, Passion, Affection, Rage, Trust, Mistrust, Disgust, Greed, Terror, Loathing, Amazement- all the feelings encompassing are expressed by every individual individually. Some of us have embraced the idea of expressing ourselves using a diary, or a log. The Web based diaries are Blogs (weB LOGS). And hell, like in every field, there are some people who excel at expressing themselves, hitting the right notes, and hitting there it induces the emotions and raw feelings.

I love blogs because, if somebody is good at writing or trying to better themselves, they have the courage to publish it to the internet to be criticized by a large number of people. Going though blogs feel like browsing through somebody's Go-Pro®: personal experiences which are fun and enriching to watch.
Plus, its like reading books: extra reading never hurt anyone, unless you get brainwashed and start to inflict violence on others, but again, that's another point. You challenge your thoughts and sentiments. The sit-back and relaxed never changed the world, it has always been the rebels, the ones with incendiary works and fiery expressions of their emotions who have brought upon revolutions. Be it Einstein's papers which challenged the norm, or Rousseau's "the Social Contract" or the works of Hegel, Marx, Spencer, Confucius, Dickens or even the major religious texts.

I personally view religion as being composed of gigantic and beautiful works of architecture, be it mosques, temples, cathedrals, gurudwaras, etc; as music- hymns, bhajans, sufi, etc; as writings- the Koran, the Gita, the Bible; in short - Art. I'm not a religious myself, the beauty of art and culture makes us human. The newer forms of art and the newer types of artists, for example, internet artists, is a form of newer art form, and are in some ways, rebellious. (Came across this webpage).

Artists change the world in their own ways and contribute to society, maybe not by (directly) building bridges or earning vast sums, but by the changes brought forth at a human level. For those who tried and  quit/gave up/burned everything, I have one thing to say: put the past away, and restart, resume, and rise to the demand of better content, like the ones you had in your blogs.

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