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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Farts are Beautiful (Swiss Army Man)

The film, Swiss Army Man put this weird concept, and this is probably one of the silliest things I'm ever going to write: A post about farts.
Click(bait) here and enjoy my really bad taste in humour.

No wait, also listen to this.

Where were we? Oh yeah.
The film is a gem of modern storytelling, acting, and direction. It is a beautiful film which explores dark themes of death, absurdism, suicidal tendencies, necrophilia, and blatant hypocrisies of a constantly connected social world.
Me. Guy on the right.

Basically, the film has a farting corpse. And that is as gross as it sounds.

So why farts? The corpse, Manny lets go of his backdoor breezes throughout the film (gross level rising).

You see, we normally don't let off a bit of steam in public (unless it's an accident). We don't go about hooting our trumpets at a party at the cost of
embarrassing yourself (and your wingman). We do it at the most private and comfortable places, or around people we're most comfortable/close with. The pain of embarrassment is pretty severe, be it at any location: school, college, workspace, parties, funerals, birthdays, whatever. Social functions. Farts are funny, I gotta cruelly admit. At the risk of somebody else's embarasment, we have a hearty laugh.

Back to the fating corpse movie. So in the film, "Manny" farts like a cat on cocaine. He's dead, so he isn't bound by social structures of how to behave and, he has nothing to hide from anyone (he's afterall....dead.), and this constant unabashed statement of who he is comes from the farting.
The film is, in many ways about how we can hide ourselves, especially from those that we care about or want to care about. We put up a face, a persona and try our best to keep it up.

At the final scene of the movie, as Manny is being taken away by the police, he does the one thing you don't do when your'e being arrested: Flatus Uninterruptus. Despite being dead, he says the unspoken truth: these social constructs that we have created around ourselves is to manage ourselves and others. In fact, that's every social construct. 

All throughout the film, Manny farts. Pompoms. Thumps. Breaks even with the wind. His anal acoustics prevents Hank from suicide. His farts provide comic relief. His farts even save Hank’s life from a savage bear attack. Manny’s gas from the ass give Hank life. Manny’s boom-boom remind us that we’re only one risk away from connecting with another human being, and the worst that they can do is laugh, or even better, smile. Manny’s farts are declaration that we all hide ourselves from each other for no reason. Manny’s farts tell us that we’re all human.

Because ultimately, farts are beautiful.

*lets out a noisy stinkbomb*

P.S. Wikipedia has a page about farts (sorrynotsorry)

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