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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Cooking @ Hostel

Last Saturday, we decided enough was enough. The mess food sucks on a general level, and saturday doesn't even make sense.  I'm sorry, but digesting bhindi+Parwal (Lady's finger+Pointed Gourd) is a Herculean task especially on a weekend. So we decided to cook our own dinners.

First, we were 5 guys, with little or no knowledge about cooking. Youtube came to the rescue, and we decided to cook eggs. Shivam actually knew how to cook, so he the the 'Leader of the pack', while the rest of us where lost sheep, bleating away to hunger (and confusion).

Zee, Shivam and I visited the market to get the vegetables, spices, butter, cheese. And we eagerly awaited till it was 8 o'clock. I was in the chopping department, and I am no Jamie Oliver, so I try my best to get clean, neat, and time-consuming slices or onions and tomatoes (in the process I end up fudging them up, but its okay). Sougata popped out of nowhere (he's got some magic sixth sense towards food being cooked). We decided to get things checked.

  • 40 eggs 
  • Chopped onions
  • Corianders 
  • what-ever-remaining-fucking veggies
  • cheese and the rest
It was time to cook. It was time to crack eggs.

I took my egg, and sharply hit the table, and it splattered everywhere. From that point onward, I was forbid to touch them eggs. So we cooked eggs: scrambled, poaches, omelettes, half-boiled, and boiled eggs. The entire crate of eggs were finished ASAP. But, man, they were pure heaven.

Cooking is fun but eating? Way more !

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