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Monday, 23 November 2015

Youtube (Personal favorites)

I love Youtube. Youtube is my source of entertainment and education, sometimes both at the same time. There are an extraordinary number of videos and channels on youtube, and videos range from music to short films to Vlogs to serious lectures to the professional  to DONGs (Do it Online, Guys) to DIY help to......cat videos. 
I have a few personal favourite channels I'd love to share with you. Which are:

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:  This channel is one with razor-edged teeth, with the presentation of words which describe entire feelings. Words which can make you think, ponder (and regret?) and it feels like those trains of thought caught during a cold shower. Perfect relaxation.

Videos I got hooked on include: Onism, Sonder, Nodus Tollens, Oleka

VideogameDunky: Really hilarious reviews of video games. Dunky has a idiosyncratic voice which adds to the humour of his narration.

Personal favourites include: Petters on a low, the GTA videos, the mario videos, the max payne videos

In a nutshell/Kurzgesagt: Cumbersome theories and concepts ranging from mysterious scientific  to complex political scenarios explained in really simple terms with really great animations.
Kurzgesagt: I learnt the pronunciation after a long time!

Personal Binge list includes: Everything we know about addiction, Fermi paradox 1&2, Iraq explained, Ebola explained.

ElectroBoom:  Mehdi Sadaghdar is an electrical engineer who blows up, short-circuits and burns electronics in hope to show us why we shouldn't fool around with voltages and electricity. Safety explained with humour, he's  a true gem at being a complete ass.

Videos I love include: How to NOT make an electric guitar, killer Current or Voltage?, how to change the brake pads

Bite Sized Psych: Popularizing psychology with lay-man terms, easy-to-follow flow charts, case studies, and revealing a completely different perspective of the human mind.

I loved to watch: why we're solving racism the wrong way, debunking 4 harmful self-help myths, only 3% pass the creative test

Cold Fusion: Technology and it's impact presented with vivid visuals, great music and jam-packed with history of technology.

Binge list: The entire "How big" series and the Technological History playlist

EngineeringGuy: We are surrounded by modern marvels, products of engineering genius, but have you ever given a thought about the working and hard-work that goes behind the manufacture of, say, a beverage can? This guy explains it all with clear-cut terms and ideas.

Videos I love: Mechanics of a film projector, NERFgun, Stories of technological failures

NerdWriter1: Ah. This. Art presented in ways I'd never expect. This is one of the channels I worship, and this along with The School of Life supplements the lack of culture and philosophy that I possess.

Why is it NerdWriter1? 1?
I LOVE: Don't ignore the background, Evolution of Batman's Gotham city, The death of Socrates, how nuclear weapons screwed art forgers, Kintsugi (I have watched this umpteen number of times)

PostModernJukebox: Popular music played in Vintage. Old is truly, gold.

Videos I love: Royals, Seven Nation Army, Creep, Rude, Maps, Sweater weather

Mishaal ikaa: Mishaal makes vlogs and videos about cats, transformers. I love the videos as his videos do not feel processed and plastic; the perspective offered by him feels like You (the viewer) is experiencing life with him.

Personal favourites: How to do drugs, Scooters, Poor effects test, Mission Impurrisible

The School of Life: This channel is what I've always imagined how education should be. This is binge material. Philosophy, art, history, and the rest of the humanities (subjects) simplified. They provide a path to mould your head around heavy questions and ideas that may truly change you.

Inspiration videos: All

Vsauce1: Michael is a man full of questions that we dismissed because society thinks they're stupid questions. And he's got some really great answers and explanations too. And watch out for his puns. They're......punny.

Drown yourself in: what is the resolution of the eye, why did the chicken cross the road, why are bad words bad, why do we clap, why do we get bored

Vsauce3:  Jake's talent is overwhelming. His videos are fluid, and provide with snippets of knowledge. He takes on the challenge of fictional worlds.

Watch list include: ∞ (yes that's the name), the 3 extreme science videos, how much does Thor's hammer weigh 

Ted-Ed: Animation and education meets lovely narration. Videos about any random topic explained with simplicity and beautifully animated. Science, language, history, nature, economics and the list of topics goes on.

Check out: football physics, how to spot a liar, how fiction comes alive, who was Confucius

MinutePhysics: Physics explained in a minutes. Drawings that explain the logic that makes sense out  the world around us.

Worthwhile videos: Immovable object vs. unstoppable force, What is dark matter, Is it better to walk or run in the rain, there is no pink light

This list is a personal choice, and if you guys have any great suggestion, mention them in the comments !

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