"" Bleh and Awe: Why I detest Socially Networking.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Why I detest Socially Networking.

I was never a fan of the internet. We've been told to steer away from dating sites, pornographic sites, not to give away our phone numbers to completely strangers. There is a reason too. First, most humans are strange animals. Yes, we're animals and we've evolved like the rest of the other inhabitants of Mother Earth. Netizens can misuse you contact information into strange and bizarre ways like uploading it on a public sphere where you can be bombarded by phone calls, prank messages, your personal information can be disastrously misused, online bullying and trolling, et cetra.

Glaucomating by social networking 
But despite the short comings, the internet is basically network if computers and you'll find a variety of human beings, and on socially interacting with them will expose to the different cultures, the way people live, different tastes in art. In fact, you may find several inspirational and like minded folks, several of them (if they are of your age) will be struggling through life and its different struggles.

Social networking is unquestionably, occupies a very important slice of teenage and adult lives. But rapidly, it is becoming the only method of social interaction. What's the point of social networking on the internet if you have extreme shyness to communicate with the person face-to-face?

Social Cigarettes
What is the point of living small realities? The internet is a fantastic tool, it has a multitude of uses. You can learn about how to knit, play a guitar, solve the Dirac equation, about Bose-Einstein Condensates, how lasers work, how bridges stand tall, why is you're not a millionare, how to be a billionaire, what is project MKULTRA and the list is endless. You can equip yourselves with truckloads of talents, get a better job, lead a more meaningful life, acquire better musical tastes, and if I start praising I won't stop. But instead, it's used to laugh at memes and ogle at cat photographs. The net is a pot of gold, Facebook might help you find friends but I clearly detest from frequently using it. Stay away from social networking. That's right. Use is minimally if required. Watch films and learn about why the film was made, what inspired the director. Listen to newer genres of music, don't stick to the crass pop music. Go meet people. Interact with your family. Instead of texting your Mom or Dad, call them up, talk to them over cake, travel to different cities, explore your own hometown or the city you're living in, travel and go lose yourself, and find your way back. Go build a robot or back a cake. READ BOOKS. There's so much more to life than staring at a screen and wiling your days away discussing. Instead, meet up and discuss, and have healthier conversations. Communicate more, use more facial expressions and words to express yourself.

Go, enjoy yourself in ways you've never thought about or imagined. It'll be scary at first, but you'll love it.

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